Thursday 20 June 2013

The warmth of Karnataka!

Music is an art which requires a conducive atmosphere, good connoisseurs and patrons, for it to flourish. Musicians, when taken care of well, will give their best. Organisers in Karnataka, by and large, are warm, kind, cordial, and treat musicians with lot of respect and affection. Music lovers in certain pockets of Karnataka like Malnad, Dakshina Kannada,Uttara Kannada are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about bringing good artists from places like Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, Kerala etc., hosting them with great care and hospitality, and organising their concerts, workshops and lecdems. We have had great experiences with many such places like Udupi, Kundapur, Sringeri, Ramanathpur, Bhadravathi, Hosahalli, Sirsi where we are so well taken care of right from the point we alight the bus or train till we are dropped back. We get such warmth and homely feeling, with excellent home-made food and arrangements for a comfortable stay. Besides being such knowledgeable rasikas, their intense inquisitiveness about music, makes our interaction with them very lively and special. Its also very surprising that they are able to bear the entire cost of organising and hosting on their own, without any external financial help by way of government grants or corporate sponsorships. The mere one or two days of association between the organisers and artists develops such a strong emotional bond between the two that they are almost in tears when seeing off the artists. Bidding farewell to such wonderful rasikas and hosts is a heavy moment for the artists as well.

If only organisers in other states can take a leaf out of this and treat artists better....!